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              About us

              Located at Jingguang Industrial Park in east of Jingdezhen city, Jingdezhen Jingguang Ginson Electric Co., Ltd. was registered in Jan, 2007, whose precursor was the vacuum interrupters branch of Jiangxi Jingguang Electronic Co., Ltd. established 1966.  The core product lines of Ginson include vacuum interrupters, metalized ceramics, vacuum capacitors, vacuum relays, vacuum circuit breakers and contactors etc.

              Inheriting Jingguang’s experiences of more than 40 years in producing vacuum appliance and components, Ginson continues dedicating her most vitality on research and development of new materials, technology and products and forms her own innovative and distinctive technology. Today, Ginson has got complete production line of vacuum interrupters, metallization line of ceramics and assembly line of vacuum switches, together with more than 90 employees, which becomes Ginson’s most valuable asset.

              Today, a series of more than 100 models of vacuum interrupters available, Ginson is one of the leading vacuum interrupter producing companies in China. All Ginson products are Chinese and IEC standard certified. The patented unique processing of finishing ceramic glazing sintering and metallization in one step, one time tube sealing  technique, reinforced copper base sealing structure, AC and DC alternately aging technique, WCAg contact terminal  technique and electricity combined magnetic technique in vacuum contactor are remaining at the leading position in China.


              We are looking forward to developing broad communication can cooperation with all of you in enterprises, universities and institutes from all over the world, to creating a brand new glorious future.


              General project management: Production and operation of vacuum interrupter、vacuum switch tubes、 vacuum-capacitors、 vacuum relays、 vacuum circuit breakers、vacuum contactors、explosion-proof electric apparatus、 thyratrons、electrical connectors、high-low voltage switch tank、electric appliance plug;ceramic metallization;Products import and export business.


              Lantian Village,

              Xianghu Town,Fuliang County,Jingdezhen City,Jiangxi Province,China











              Online Consultation

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